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Are you a startup or a SME ?

Supercharge your business growth

With our all-in-one VoIP solution calling, texting, sales engagement, CRM. It's efficient, it's breezy, it's geared for success!


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Facing these challenges?

Constantly shuffling multiple tools to converse and monitor your chats with customers and leads?

Stuck with an old-school phone plan limiting your tool integration and tracking capabilities?

Using a VoIP for calls, but overwhelmed by unnecessary features? Forced to add it to pricey CRM tools for proper tracking?

Or perhaps, starting from scratch and hunting for a seamless, all-round communication and tracking system?

Look no further, Twifone's got your back:

An all-in-one professional VoIP Call Center, SMS platform and a compact CRM to streamline communication without stacking tools and bills.

Detailed tracking to build customer loyalty and no more missed sales opportunities.

An ultra-easy system to set up and navigate daily, supercharging your work pace.

A straightforward package, free of excess fluff, priced just right in the market.

Twifone: essential features to conquer your market!

Experience clear chat quality that is twice as good as what you get on your smartphone.

To create a close relationship with your customers and your leads, the first thing is to be able to talk to them as if you were sitting right next to them, with sound quality that perfectly conveys the richness of your voice timbre without distortion or static.

That's why we teamed up with the global frontrunner in multichannel engagement, Twilio. They're the top dogs in VoIP tech and, previously, were exclusive to big businesses.

Twilio's Super Network in a nutshell :

+ 130


texts fly in and out

+ 25


calls ring in and out
each year

+ 268


global client

Simply put, it's rock solid!

Enjoy worldwide coverage to make and receive calls wherever you are, in complete security.

With Twifone, powered by Twilio, you can get local, national, mobile, or toll-free numbers from 180+ countries for voice calls and SMS.

You can use Twilio's virtual phone numbers or your own.

Twilio ensures your info stays locked up tight with TLS 1.2 encrypted chats and messages.

You get the global reach and chat locally, safe and sound, no matter where you roam.

Personalize your interactions to get maximum engagement from your leads and customers.

There's no need to connect Twifone to an expensive CRM solution. Thanks to a highly efficient integrated mini-CRM, you can manage everything directly from the interface.

All your actions are recorded and time-stamped for a precise chronology of commitments made.

You can set statuses and priorities to quickly sort your contact lists according to actions taken or to be taken.

You can read and listen to recorded messages and calls at any time to prepare for future actions or to coach your teams.

Take notes on the fly to capture the key points of a conversation and create reminders to plan future actions.

Send targeted SMS messages or schedule mass campaigns for news or special events.

Twifone allows you to send individual or group SMS messages to a well-defined set of contacts.

It's ideal for quickly alerting your customers to an event or promotion you're organizing, or to give you a better chance of reaching your prospects.

Save time (and cash) using a straightforward, efficient interface accessible from any screen.

Twifone's UX design and ergonomics have been carefully thought out so that you can get to grips with it immediately and use it with maximum efficiency for personalized contact follow-up. 

Twifone's responsive interface adapts to any device: PC, mobile phone or tablet.

For the utmost convenience, Twifone is available in four languages: English, French, Spanish and German.

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With Twifone, everything is just a few clicks away:

Establish teams and set access levels

Load and offload contact records and logs

Distribute contacts among team members

Jot down remarks and review

A clear dashboard provides a snapshot of your metrics, guiding your next steps.

We aim to center your attention on what fuels your expansion: winning and keeping new clients.

Play and win as a team

With Twifone, you can easily delegate your customer or lead tracking among team members.

If a team member is unavailable?

Effortlessly, in one click, transfer their leads, inclusive of all interaction history, to a colleague.

Moreover, form subgroups of Customer Success Managers or Business Developers focusing on similar customer or lead segments.

We are here to help you !

Our Customer Success team is available by chat or email 5 days a week to help you and answer all your questions as quickly as possible

Get a premium service at an affordable price

Local Numbers $1.15/mo

Toll-Free Numbers $2.15/mo

5x to 7x cheaper than our main competitors.

Our subscription is the most affordable on the market, allowing any business to benefit from an efficient CRM and robust telephony solution without breaking the bank.

We don't take any commission on Twilio billing numbers and calls.

With Twilio, you're guaranteed some of the lowest call rates on the market, and you only pay for what you use !

A single subscription with all features included


+180 countries available

Local landline, mobile or toll-free number

Choice of phone number

Encrypted calls and messages

Responsive interface available in 4 languages

Real-time activities dashboard

Centralized user management

Contact import/export

Automatic phone number validity check

Shared contact directory

Voice mailbox

Unlimited call recording

Call, SMS and action logs

Send/receive SMS

Mass SMS campaigns

On-the-fly note taking

Reminders and action scheduling

Chat and email customer support

Dedicated Customer Success Manager (with 50 or more licenses)

288 €

per year

per user


Enjoy Twifone forever with our exclusive limited-time deal.



69 €

per user  

for a lifetime subscription ! 

+ 219 € saved per user over 1 year

+ 1 371 € saved per user over 5 years

How does it work ?

Set it up in less than 10 minutes and enjoy a powerful tool

You subscribe to Twifone and take as many licenses as you need for your team members.
Register with Twilio and select your phone numbers

Enter your private API key into Twifone to sync with Twilio.
You enter your contacts into the application one at a time or by importing them in bulk from an Excel file.
And there you have it!

Now you can manage your customers and prospects with all the Twifone features.

Who are we ?

  • Constellation Group is based in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. Known for its majestic baobabs and endearing lemurs, the island also boasts renowned engineering schools and highly qualified developers.

  • Our Constellation is made up of 55 stars dedicated to digital transformation and the creation of innovative applications.

  • Our mission is clear: to help companies realize their ambitions by developing digital solutions that streamline their organization, boost productivity and make them more competitive.

  • The values that drive us are only four in number, but we live them intensely every day:


What are the benefits to my business of switching to an IP telephony solution like Twifone over a traditional phone company?

With Twifone, you benefit from a number of advantages:

  • Exceptional sound quality, 2 times better than a conventional operator
  • Significantly reduced communication costs; Fixed, mobile and toll-free numbers in over 180 countries;
  • Total flexibility of use, with the ability to make calls from any Internet-connected device;
  • The ability to easily upgrade your system by adding lines or extensions;
  • Simple, immediate installation with no maintenance required.
Why are you cheaper than your competitors?

Our competitors include a host of features in their packages that inflate the price when they are of little or no interest to a small or medium-sized business. What's more, they pass on communication costs in their so-called unlimited local call packages, which in fact include the average call costs of all their customers.

With Twifone, you get a simple, efficient, no-frills solution. Twifone also means total cost transparency: we take no commission on your fleet of numbers and your communications, which are billed directly to you by Twilio.

What is Twilio?

Twilio is the world leader in cloud-based communication services. It offers a powerful, secure and scalable platform providing messaging and voice calling services via APIs. Our platform integrates directly with Twilio for exceptional reliability and communication experience. This integration enables us to offer you optimal coverage and connectivity for your communications.

What is the difference between Twifone and other IP telephony solutions on the market?

The difference between Twifone and other telephony solutions lies in its unique combination of features. Unlike traditional solutions that focus solely on phone calls, Twifone offers a 4-in-1 solution: calls, SMS, targeted SMS campaigns and an integrated mini CRM. This enables you to manage all your communications from a single platform, simplifying your work and reducing your costs. What's more, Twifone stands out for its simplicity of use, cutting out the superfluous and concentrating on the features that are really important to get a startup or small business off the ground.

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